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What do I need to remember?

Check the hot tub regularly

Always check the hot tub display regularly and ensure the temperature is roughly where you expect it to be. It is recommended you check it in the morning, afternoon, and last thing at night. It is always good to physically check the water temperature with your hand too.

The hot tub needs to be powered on continually to ensure the water is cleaned and heated. This is indicated by the green ‘filter’ and red ‘heater’ lights both being on. When both are on, the heater is operational; when both are off, the unit is shut down. If just the green filter light is on, the water won't heat. Ensure both red and green lights are on!

The temperature will go up by roughly one degree an hour when not in use, and down roughly one degree an hour when in use. The exact rate depends on several factors including weather and usage.

How do I operate the hot tub?

It's easy!

Take off the lid and place it somewhere safe where it will not be sat on or damaged (make sure there are no sharp objects that may puncture the lid). Be mindful that each clip on the lid has a safety catch on the front which you can slide up or down (a child lock).

Remove the pool float each time before use of the hot tub. This reduces the smell of chlorine and ensures users don't come into contact with the chemicals in it. Ensure there is chlorine (1 to 2 blocks which take approx. 48 hours to dissolve) in the pool float and place it on the water surface before securing the lid after each use.

The bubbles can be activated by pressing the 'bubbles' button. The bubbles will switch off after approx. 30 minutes (in case it is left on by accident whilst unattended) but you may turn back on again if desired.

To secure the lid, place on top of the hot tub, pull the skirt down all the way around, and then connect the four clips.

How do I maintain the hot tub?

Clean the filter and add chlorine

Don't forget, you should be checking the temperature regularly (morning, afternoon and night). You may need to top up the water daily too - simply fill to the indicated line approximately 12 inches down from the top of the tub - there's no need to fill to the brim. Remember, adding cold water can cool the tub slightly, so shouldn't be done if using immediately after.

The filter should be cleaned, ideally, daily. To do so, first switch the unit off by pressing either, or both, heater and filter buttons (not simultaneously) so the red and green lights go off (it will take several seconds to shut down). Screw the provided caps onto the pipe ports on the inside of the hot tub. Doing this stops water spilling over the floor when cleaning the filter. You should be able to screw the caps on with one finger only, if it takes any force to do so, take off and try again. DO NOT FORCE THE CAPS ON OR OFF OR YOU COULD DAMAGE THE HOT TUB.

Once the heater / pump is switched off and the caps are on, you may unscrew the large black lid on the unit. Inside, you will see a filter rather like a car air, or vacuum cleaner, filter. Clean this using the provided brush from edge to edge all around (also brush clean the blue / green sides which may become sticky). Wash the filter under a tap or hose to get it clean. Clean the metal filter which sits underneath the paper filter in the same manner. Insert the metal filter upright (like a hat) and then insert the paper filter (which can be placed either way up). Apply the black cover, remove both caps, and then switch back on. Ensure both red and green lights are on and water is flowing out of the top port inside the hot tub. Once done, check there is no water escaping from the black cap, and tighten if necessary.

To keep the tub chemically clean, always ensure there are approx. 1 to 2 slow-release chlorine tablets in the blue pool float (these can take up to 48 hours to dissolve and prevent over chlorination). This is usage dependent so little use will require less chlorine, and heavy use (and not-so-clean water), will require more chlorine.

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